Hi, I'm Darliny.

I listen to stakeholder and user needs, translate them into actionable ideas, and make UX magic happen via accessible, beautiful, and impactful experiences.

I have an insatiable hunger for asking questions and learning how things (or people) are connected. If they are seemingly unconnected? I enjoy forming those connections and making sense out of nonsense.

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connecting the dots

I was born in the Dominican Republic but moved to Cambridge, MA at the tender age of two. Living in the heart of Cambridge, within a mile radius of schools like MIT and Harvard had its perks. There, I discovered my love of being immersed in diverse communities, my passion for reading and writing about fantasy worlds, and drawing. Here is also where I explored design, HTML, CSS, and Adobe programs and became immediately spellbound.

When I got to college, I believed that a tech career was too ambitious for “someone like me” and filled with people who are “real” artists. I also felt a great desire to do something greater than myself, something for us rather than me (hello, North Node Aquarius, I see you!). 

After one semester of college, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I became an Intelligence Operations Specialist. It sounds pretty fancy, but in the intel world, they called us  “the briefers.” As briefers, our main job was to compile raw data, research, maintain databases, and put it all on a slide deck to present to our commanders and aircrew. I didn’t realize then how much this experience would prepare me for UX design and creating case studies. I admit this is a highlight of the design process for me, which is getting to see everything come together through storytelling and outcomes. 

All of these factors brought me back to my curiosity about tech and design. I asked myself, “how can I blend my love of visual design, telling stories, introspection, bullet journaling, and finding answers with my curiosity for coding, research, and the human mind?” That’s when I stumbled upon UX Design, and I immediately set out to immerse myself in the design world and fill in knowledge gaps with formal education through Thinkful’s Design program.

Through the program and mentorship with an industry professional, I’ve learned that all of my experiences, twists and turns, knowledge, and skills I’ve acquired over the years are not random or unrelated at all.

It took learning UX Design to understand that it is the connector; it connects ideas to solutions and becomes the stage for beautiful conversations and innovation to occur.



Self-care is a word that sometimes gets thrown around, not always knowing how to apply it in our own lives. Everyone is unique in how we express it. For me, it’s doing things that raise my vibe and overall mood. It's things that get me to a flow state and contribute to the improvement of my overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

What does that look like for me?

  • Family group hugs with my partner, my 7 year-old, and my 3 year-old
  • Jammin' to this playlist
  • Reading romance & fantasy novels, fangirling over webcomics
  • Participating in extremely competitive family game nights
  • Watch all of the seasons of Outlander for the 50th+ time
  • Tarot Cards/Astrology/Numerology
  • Bullet journaling
  • Drawing/Doodling
  • Roller skating, dancing, and hula hooping
Here I am, having fun with my plastic circle

That's a whole lot about me, let's talk about you!